KB700 TL1 - Programming Address & Function Outputs

1. Before using your TL1, set its address. This may or may not be the same address as a mobile decoder already installed in the loco or car depending on how you are planning to use the TL1. In the case of TL1s being used as a stand alone transponder or as a function decoder, choose an address that is not associated with another mobile decoder address in use on the layout.2. Connect the RED & BLACK wires of the TL1 to a service mode DCC programmer and program the TL1's address as you would any mobile decoder address.Follow the ...

KB561 Transponding Function Only Decoders

Since 1999, Digitrax has produced function-only decoders with Transponding capabilities.  These decoders make it easy to add transponding and additional functions to locomotives with decoders that do not have transponding or enough functions.  These are useful for customers with older decoders produced before transponding was incorporated into Digitrax decoders.  They are also useful for users of decoders made by manufacturers that do not support transponding.The TF1 is a single output function decoder with Transponding capabilities. This function decoder adds an additional function along with Transponding ID capabilities to an engine with non-Transponding decoder capabilities or adds a single function along ...

KB699 Function-only Decoders

Function-only decoders allow you to add additional functions to a locomotive with an existing mobile decoder.  Additionally, function-only decoders allow you to install lighting in passenger cars, as an example.Function only decoders also are used to add Digitrax transponding to early model Digitrax decoders and decoders from other manufacturers that do not have this feature.

KB548 TF4 - Reset CVs to factory default

Q: What is the exact reset procedure for a TF4? I tried both with series 3 procedure (CV8) and the other mobile decoders procedure with no success. My TF4 remains out of control. However, the white output makes the LED on my decoder testing board flicker. A: Since CV8 to 08 only works on series 3 and later decoders, it does not work on the function only decoders. TF4's CVs must be reset manually to factory values. The Factory Default Values are: CV64 000 CV61 002 CV49 000 CV50 000

KB694 TF4 - Testing for correct transponder operation

Testing the installed TF4 for correct transponder operation1. Place the unit with the installed TF4 on an empty transponding track section. This test assumes that the transponding track section is already set up, tested and is working before you start TF4 testing.2. Using a DCC throttle, select the TF4 address that was programmed into the TF4 and verify that the transponder detector identifies the presence of the transponder device. Depending on how you have set up your transponding reporting to the system, your system should detect the presence of the address in that transponding section.For example, if you have an ...