KB700: TL1 - Programming Address & Function Outputs

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1. Before using your TL1, set its address. This may or may not be the same address as a mobile decoder already installed in the loco or car depending on how you are planning to use the TL1. In the case of TL1s being used as a stand alone transponder or as a function decoder, choose an address that is not associated with another mobile decoder address in use on the layout.

2. Connect the RED & BLACK wires of the TL1 to a service mode DCC programmer and program the TL1's address as you would any mobile decoder address.

Follow the instructions for programming mobile decoders in your command station manual for the exact steps to use. The TL1 can be programmed with a 2 digit (CV01) or 4 digit address (CV17 & CV18). Remember to set CV29 to the appropriate value per your Decoder Manual for 2 digit or 4 digit operation.

For 2 digit addressing CV29 is most commonly set to 06.
For 4 digit addressing, CV29 is most commonly set to 38.

3. Set up which function number controls the TL1's function lead. Program values for CV61 & CV64 per the table, below:

Note that if you wish to disable transponding and use the TL1 as a function only decoder, program CV61 to 00 or 01.

4. Set up the configurable strobe effect for the TL1's function lead by programming a value between 00 & 07 into CV49 (table, below).

5. Set up the rate of the effect by programming a value between 00 & 07 into CV62. (table, below)

6. When programming is complete, exit programming mode. Test for correct operation of the function after you install the TL1 in the locomotive.

7. Programming a TL1 after it is installed in tandem with a DCC decoder may yield unexpected results because of differences in the way various DCC decoders respond to programming. If you are not able to program your installed TL1, first try a different programming method. If this does not work, remove the TL1 and program it separately on the service mode track, then re-install it in the loco.

Note: The TL1 does not use Operations Mode Programming.

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