KB694: TF4 - Testing for correct transponder operation

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Testing the installed TF4 for correct transponder operation

1. Place the unit with the installed TF4 on an empty transponding track section. This test assumes that the transponding track section is already set up, tested and is working before you start TF4 testing.

2. Using a DCC throttle, select the TF4 address that was programmed into the TF4 and verify that the transponder detector identifies the presence of the transponder device. Depending on how you have set up your transponding reporting to the system, your system should detect the presence of the address in that transponding section.

For example, if you have an LT5 connected to the same BDL16 series detector Zone plug as the track's Zone, you should show a blinking Zone power light that blinks when the TF4 equipped unit is placed on the empty transponding track section, and is steady when the TF4 is removed. This confirms correct installation and function of the TF4.

3. Another way to check the newly installed TF4's transponder address and location is to use any of the following:

  • The Find feature of a DT400 series throttle (See the DT400 series throttle or Super Chief series starter set Manual)


  • The transponder display of an attached PC with transponder capable software


  • Checking for type LocoNet messages with a LocoNet monitor program like the LocoMon Application.

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