EB Empire Builder

This product has been replaced by the Empire Builder II ( EBII) and is no longer available. Click here to view the EBII.

The Empire Builder starter set was introduced as an intermediate level starter system.  The set included a DB150 Command Station/Booster, DT100 throttle, a Mobile Decoder, and a LT1 LocoNet Tester.

The Empire Builder was also available in a Simplex Radio Equipped set.

Produced from 1998-2000

DB150 Command Station / Booster:

  • Full LocoNet Capabilities for easy plug 'n play installation and system expansion

  • Run up to 22 locos and 22 throttles in command station mode.

  • Provides additional power to run more trains in booster mode.

  • Can be used as an Intelligent Auto Reversing Booster

  • Use with any LocoNet throttle

  • Built in broadcast write only programmer

  • Built in 5 Amp Digital Command Control Booster Rated at 80VA.

  • Many command station options are user customizable.

  • Auto resetting over temperature & short circuit protection.

  • User selectable multi-scale operation for N, HO, and large-scale layouts

  • Track Status indicator shows voltage and signal type (DCC or "Zero Stretch" Analog Signal for conventional operation.)

  • Stabilized Track Drive Output.

  • Over Voltage Protected.

  • Sync output configures DB150 Operating Mode & connects the DB150 to expansion boosters

  • High impedance balanced or unbalanced signal input receivers on the LocoNet Interface allow boosting of several different types of command control signals.

  • Auto shutdown if command control drive signal is lost so that the layout will not convert to DC operation if a cable or connection is broken. The trains won't just "take-off" if they are not getting the DCC signal.

  • Complies with FCC Part 15, Class B RFI Requirements.

  • DCC Compatible.

DT100 Features:

  • Works as an advanced throttle on Loconet

  • Easy to read LCD screed

  • Two throttle knobs

  • Knobs are Click encoders

  • Supports 4 digit addressing

  • Function control F0-F8

  • Displays switch position and supports position feedback

  • Access to 3 service mode programming methods and operations mode programming

  • Fast clock

  • Edit and create Routes

  • Customizable user throttle preferences


Replaced by
Empire Builder II