KB746 DT402 & DT400 Series Throttle OPTN, "t" Key- Option or thrown

The OPTN t Key is used to enter the Option Mode to set throttle and system options. It is also used to issue t (thrown) commands when the throttle is in Switch mode.In the case of turnout control:t=thrown, when a "t" command is sent, the turnout is set for the diverging route through the curved leg.

KB447 DT400 - Changing Throttle Option Settings

To change DT400 Option Settings 1. Consult the Throttle Option Setting Tables found in the DT400 manual to determine which settings you want to make for each of the 6 available options. 2. Press the OPTN t Key and the display will show: 3. The right side of the display will show the current value for OP#1. The default setting for OP#1 is x01. Notice that these values are entered in hex format. The “x” in front of the value lets you know to expect to use hex numbers. Pressing the throttle keys will not change to decimal values in this ...