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The WTL12 is a Command Station, Booster, Throttle and Sound System that is designed by Digitrax and sold as part of the WalthersTrainline RailTech train set. It offers simplified train operation as part of a train set however the WTL12 is fully expandable with the complete line of Digitrax DCC products. It could also make a great addition to your existing Digitrax DCC system.

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KB997 Adding another WTL12 to your layout as a second Booster/Throttle

Since each system, no matter how large, needs only one command station, you need only one WTL12 (or other Digitrax Command Station) performing this function. Any additional WTL12s must be converted to a booster by following the startup directions described below: Disconnect the power from the WTL12 unit Press and Hold the VOL- key Reconnect the power while continuing to hold the VOL- key Release the VOL- key The WTL12 is now configured as a booster/throttle only.  The power button will be lit up red on the right side. The command station determines the total number of locomotive addresses your ...

KB996 Adding LocoNet throttles to your WTL12

Any LocoNet throttle can be used with your WTL12. Simply plug the LocoNet throttle into either LocoNet port on the back of your WTL12 or into any LocoNet or Throttle Jack anywhere on your LocoNet system. If you want to be able to plug in a throttle at a remote location, we recommend using a UP5 Universal Panel.   Your WTL12 can handle up to 6 LocoNet Throttles. If you need to run more than 6 throttles, you can move up to a Digitrax Command Station with additional capacity. You can continue to use your WTL12 as a throttle and ...

KB1012 Resetting your WTL12 to a Command Station

In order to reset your WTL12 to the factory default setting as a Command Station/Throttle simply follow the steps below: Disconnect the power from the WTL12 unit Press and Hold the PWR key Reconnect the power while continuing to hold the PWR key Release the PWR key The WTL12 is now configured as a Command Station/Throttle.  The power button will be lit up green on the right side.

KB1010 Configuring your WTL12 as an AutoReversing Booster/Throttle.

You can operate reversing sections manually or automatically with Digitrax. You must double gap (completely isolate) both ends of the reversing section just like with any other layout. If you choose manual operation, use a DPDT switch or relay to handle the polarity change as the loco enters and leaves the reversing section.   If you choose to use to completely automate the reversing section, power the reverse loop with a booster and power supply and the main layout with another Command Station and power supply. The WTL12 when running as your command station will not auto-reverse.  To configure your ...