KB1010: Configuring your WTL12 as an AutoReversing Booster/Throttle.

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You can operate reversing sections manually or automatically with Digitrax.

You must double gap (completely isolate) both ends of the reversing section just like with any other layout. If you choose manual operation, use a DPDT switch or relay to handle the polarity change as the loco enters and leaves the reversing section.


If you choose to use to completely automate the reversing section, power the reverse loop with a booster and power supply and the main layout with another Command Station and power supply. The WTL12 when running as your command station will not auto-reverse.  To configure your WTL12 as an AutoReversing booster follow the steps below.


  1. Disconnect the power from the WTL12 unit
  2. Press and Hold the DIR key
  3. Reconnect the power while continuing to hold the DIR key
  4. Release the DIR key
  5. The WTL12 is now configured as an AutoReversing booster/throttle only.  The power button will be flashing red on the right side.


Note that when the polarity change occurs, decoder equipped locomotives will continue at the speed and in the direction commanded but any analog engines running will respond to the polarity change by reversing direction.


To handle auto reversing, you will need two devices, one that acts as the system polarity reference and another to detect a polarity mismatch and correct it. If you are using two Digitrax boosters, one acts as the polarity reference and the other handles the polarity reversal for the reversing section.



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