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These simple, cost effective throttles feature one large knob for speed control and a direction switch for direction control. Great add on throttle for all Digitrax Starter Sets.

UT1 was discontinued as of 10-07-2005

As of 03/28/2011 is is no longer repairable due to unavailability of repair parts.

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KB495 Run a four digit locomotive address with UT1 Utility Throttle

Although the UT1 can only handle addresses between 00 and 99, it can be used to operate one four digit locomotive address. 1. On the UT1 dial up 992. On a DT100, DT300 or DT400 series throttle, dispatch the four digit address you want to run on the UT13. On the UT1 press the ACQ (acquire button) to run the four digit addressNote that dispatching is a special state and the first UT1 throttle to press the Acquire button after the dispatch from another throttle will acquire that address to run.

KB568 Acquiring a dispatched locomotive using a UT1 or UT2

Dispatching is a special way of offering a locomotive address to a UT1 or UT2 to run. The address is set up and then dispatched to the system to be acquired by the next throttle that presses its ACQUIRE Key. This is not the same as releasing a locomotive address from the system. Releasing an address clears it from the locomotive slot to make room for another locomotive address to be run by the command station. 1. Set the address selector switches to address “99” then press the “ACQ” button. 2. The Status LED will light green showing that you ...

KB833 Zephyr - Dispatching Locomotive Addresses or MUs

Dispatching is a special feature incorporated in the LocoNet "language" to meet the needs of operators that wish to enforce a strict discipline in how operators gain access to locomotives during an operating session.Dispatching also lets you run MUs with basic throttles (such as the Utility Throttle series) that can't set up their own MU's and run four digit addresses on basic throttles that only have two digit capability (such as UT1 and UT2). It also lets you have newcomers run trains on the layout without giving them access to the entire operation.When you dispatch a locomotive address or MU ...

KB47 BDL168 - How to Change the Option Switches

How to read back and change BDL168 Option Switches (OpSw): 1. Power up your BDL168 and connect it to LocoNet. 2. Connect a DT series or UT1, UT2 Digitrax throttle to one of the the BDL168's LocoNet connectors. NOTE: The UT4 will not work as its design is different for the original UT series throttles.3. Press the switch behind the red option LED for about 1 second, then release it. The red option and green ID LEDs will flash alternately to let you know that you are in option switch setup mode. 4. Go into SWITCH mode on your throttle. ...

KB940 Decimal and Hexadecimal Numbers

Over the years, different Digitrax throttles have used a combination of decimal, modified hexadecimal and hexadecimal numbers for entering CV numbers and CV values.  The following information is provided as a programming reference to show you how these different schemes work so that you will be able to use your throttle to program decoders.UT1 & UT2 Utility Throttles use decimal numbers exclusively for CV numbers and CV values.  Because these throttles use 2 selector switches that can access the numbers 0-9, you are limited to programming only CV#s and values from 00 to 99.DT100 Throttles use a modified hex numbering ...