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Dcc Dual Function Decoder with Transponder supports 2 function outputs as well as transporting, great for adding lighting features to your rolling stock.

Retired in 2003

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KB561 Transponding Function Only Decoders

Since 1999, Digitrax has produced function-only decoders with Transponding capabilities.  These decoders make it easy to add transponding and additional functions to locomotives with decoders that do not have transponding or enough functions.  These are useful for customers with older decoders produced before transponding was incorporated into Digitrax decoders.  They are also useful for users of decoders made by manufacturers that do not support transponding.The TF1 is a single output function decoder with Transponding capabilities. This function decoder adds an additional function along with Transponding ID capabilities to an engine with non-Transponding decoder capabilities or adds a single function along ...

KB943 Functions on Mobile Decoders

Digitrax decoders have outputs that can control lamps and other on/off devices installed in your locomotive.  These are called functions.  Functions are things like: lamps, sound units, smoke units, etc. All Digitrax decoders are equipped with two or more function outputs that are used to turn functions on and off.Decoder function outputs can be:1.   Leads (wires) attached to the decoder that are used to hook up external functions.  See Table I below for wire color codes used on Digitrax decoders.or2.   Pre-wired function outputs that hook up by just plugging in the decoder. This is the case for decoders that ...