TF2 Dual Function Decoder with Transponder

This product has been replaced by the Quad DCC Function Decoder with Integrated Transponder (TF4) and is no longer available. Click here to view the TF4.

Dcc Dual Function Decoder with Transponder supports 2 function outputs as well as transporting, great for adding lighting features to your rolling stock.

Retired in 2003

TF2 Features:

  • Two 125mA function outputs for lights or other functions (Peak rating is 250mA)

  • Each function output can be operated independently

  • Supports Both 2 Digit & 4 Digit Address Modes

  • Programmable from DCC compatible equipment

  • Configurable Strobe feature lets you simulate flashing lights on locos like

  • FRED, Strobes, Mars Lights, etc.

  • Programmable strobe effect & rate of lighting effects

  • Integrated Digitrax DCC Transponder

  • Can be used as a stand alone transponder or added to a unit that already has a non-transponding DCC decoder

  • Compatible with Digitrax DCC Transponding Systems

  • Can be used as a function only decoder with transponding enabled or disabled


Wired (read more)

Decoders with wires provided for hooking up the decoder in the locomotive.  If wires are not provided for hooking up functions, solder pads are provided to allow you to access those functions by adding wires. 

Digitrax Mobile Decoder Wire Colors

What the wires are for

Wire Color

Power Pick-up Right   (Engineer's Side)


Power Pick-up Left   (Fireman's Side)


Motor + Right Brush


Motor – Left Brush


F0(Fwd)-Forward Light


F0(Rev)-Reverse Light


Lamp Common


F1-Function 1


F2-Function 2


F3-Function 3


F4-Function 4

White w/ Yellow   Stripe

F5-Function 5

White w/ Green Stripe

F6-Function 6

White w/ Blue Stripe

Note: DH82 & DN92 decoders, some of the very first decoders produced by Digitrax used a different wiring color code.  Please check decoder spec sheets for the wire colors that were used with these decoders.

Function Outputs
2 (read more)

2 function decoders support F0 Forward and F0 Reverse.  This allows for reversing headlights or for two separate functions.

How functions are numbered:

F0 (FWD) White

F0 (REV) Yellow

The Blue wire is Lamp Common to allow for continuous lamp operation.

F1 Green

F2 Violet

F3 Brown

F4 White with Yellow Stripe

F5 White with Green Stripe

F6 White with Blue Stripe




and so one are each counted as one function.  This is an industry wide convention. 

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