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This 2 function FX3 decoder is designed to fit MicroTrains Z scale GP-35 locos.

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KB591 MicroTrains Z-Scale GP35 Installation Instructions

1. Carefully remove the locomotive’s shell from the frame. Notice the orientation of the shell for reinstallation. 2. Carefully remove the motor springs with tweezers. Store these springs in a safe place for later re-use. 3. Slide the factory light board forward to release it from under the clips on the locomotive frame. Be careful not to distort the frame clips as you slide and lift the light board off the frame. 4. Take the DZ123M0 decoder (noting the correct orientation of the frame pads) and slide underneath frame clips as indicated in the Figure 3. You will need to ...

KB278 Marklin Z-Scale

I have an extensive collection of older (15-20 years) Z-Scale Maerklin equipment. Can I convert the locos to Digitrax, or must I buy some other brand of loco to use Digitrax? Maybe yes, maybe no. It depends upon the size of the locomotive. We are aware of several European Z-Scale model railroads that use Digitrax. We also know of a very large Z-Scale railroad in Washington, DC that uses Digitrax. This particular railroad is a model of Swiss prototype, so the locomotives are all electric-types; there seems to be enough room inside for a decoder, especially the new DZ125 series ...