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A compact full featured walkaround handheld. DT300R comes equipped ready to run simplex radio when paired with a UR91. Simply plug into select a loco then you're ready to go wireless.

Discontinued in 2005.

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KB669 DT300 & DT300R Differences

There are two throttles in the "300" series: The DT300 connects into LocoNet by a 7' cable. The cable allows flexibility in movement. The throttle can be disconnected to move to another point on the layout and reconnected to LocoNet without losing the acquired locomotive. The unit will also work wireless using Infrared signals when used with either a UR90 or UR91 or UR92.   The DT300R is a simplex radio control throttle with a 1' cable to connect into LocoNet. The throttle is plugged into LocoNet to select a locomotive or to program a locomotive and then can be disconnected ...

KB635 DT300 - Tetherless Operation

The DT300 is “InfraReady”. The DT300R can operate tetherless on radio or “infraReady.” Both units are also provided with a cable to attach into LocoNet when required. A 9 volt battery must be used to power both the DT300 and DT300R for tetherless operation. Using DT300 as a tetherless throttle is easy:1. For Infrared operation, plug in at least one Digitrax IR receiver (UR90 or UR91) to your working LocoNet. Because infrared signals are line of sight, more than one receiver may be necessary for optimal performance in your layout room. 2. For Radio operation, plug in at least one ...

KB214 UT4 - Throttle ID?

Can the UT4 or UT4R be set to have its own unique throttle ID like the DT300/DT300R and DT400/DT400R? There are several uses for this functionality, including it being useful when looking at logs of LocoNet traffic from PanelPro/DecoderPro when trying to diagnose problems and identify potentially faulty throttles. This from A. J.: Each UT4 has a unique ID programmed as serialization at manufacture, and is distinguishable from DT400's etc. The UT4 has values of EX1 as {x74/x75} in the LocoNet messages with EX2 equal to the unit factory serial number.

KB668 DT300 Control Panel

The DT300 Throttle is a full-function hand held controller that includes 2 independent throttles and a common keypad to control up to 9 functions (0-8), turnouts and programming. The DT300 Throttle does not require a battery in normal walk-around operation, but if you do not install a battery, the throttle display will be off while you are unplugged from the system. The DT300 requires a 9 Volt battery for infrared operation.   The DT300R requires a 9 Volt battery for radio operation.

KB663 DT300 - Option Switch 2 (Op#2)

The factory setting for the DT300 is Op#2=x23 with 128 step decoder setting and IR (infrared) tetherless operation enabled.The factory setting for the DT300R (radio) is Op#2=x03 with 128 speed step decoder operation and tetherless operation for both radio and IR enabled.Throttle Default Decoder OperationEach DT300 can be set up to operate new decoders selected by them as any decoder status code you choose. New decoders are defined as decoders that have not been selected in your system. Your DT300 is set to expect to operate mostly decoders that are 128 speed step capable, so when a new decoder is ...

KB679 Adding Radio and IR to a Big Boy Starter Set

Can I add Radio and IR to my Big Boy?Yes.Adding radio and/or IR to Big Boy is the same as adding it to any other existing Digitrax layout or Digitrax Starter Set. Digitrax offers InfraRed, Duplex Radio and Simplex Radio systems for wireless operation. Any combination of these wireless methods can be used on the same layout at the same time.Infra Red Wireless OperationAll current Digitrax throttles are Infrared capable (InfraReady) in that they come from the factory equipped with the IR emitters required to send IR information to LocoNet. To use this functionality, you only need to add one ...