KB669: DT300 & DT300R Differences

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There are two throttles in the "300" series:

  • The DT300 connects into LocoNet by a 7' cable. The cable allows flexibility in movement. The throttle can be disconnected to move to another point on the layout and reconnected to LocoNet without losing the acquired locomotive. The unit will also work wireless using Infrared signals when used with either a UR90 or UR91 or UR92.


  • The DT300R is a simplex radio control throttle with a 1' cable to connect into LocoNet. The throttle is plugged into LocoNet to select a locomotive or to program a locomotive and then can be disconnected to allow freedom to roam around the room while you run your locomotive. Radio operation requires a UR91 simplex radio receiver.  DT300R cannot be converted for duplex radio operation with a UR92.  However, UR91 simplex radio receivers & UR92 duplex radio transceivers can be used at the same time on the same layou, allowing DT300R throttles to continue to use simplex radio.

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