KB679: Adding Radio and IR to a Big Boy Starter Set

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Can I add Radio and IR to my Big Boy?


Adding radio and/or IR to Big Boy is the same as adding it to any other existing Digitrax layout or Digitrax Starter Set. Digitrax offers InfraRed, Duplex Radio and Simplex Radio systems for wireless operation. Any combination of these wireless methods can be used on the same layout at the same time.

Infra Red Wireless Operation
All current Digitrax throttles are Infrared capable (InfraReady) in that they come from the factory equipped with the IR emitters required to send IR information to LocoNet. To use this functionality, you only need to add one or more UR90 IR Receiver Units to LocoNet. Most layouts need more than one infrared receiver because IR signals are line of sight. That is, the IR receiver must be able to "see" the IR emitter for the wireless link to work. Most IR users install their IR receivers near the ceiling for best reception. If you already have one or moer UR92 Duplex Radio Transceivers or UR91 Simplex Radio Receivers on your layout, these are also capable of receiving IR signals.

Radio Wireless Operation
To operate with wireless duplex or simplex radio control, you'll need to add both radio equipped throttles and at least one duplex transceiver or simplex receiver. Note that the duplex and simplex radio systems use different frequencies so that "D" throttles work only with UR92 duplex transceivers and "R" throttles work only with UR91 simplex receivers.

Duplex Radio
If you are purchasing new throttles, you should choose the duplex DT402D or UT4D throttle and UR92 duplex radio transceiver. If you already have DT400 or UT4 series throttles, you can return them to Digitrax and we can convert them to duplex radio throttles for a small fee.

Simplex Radio
If you choose to use the older Digitrax simplex radio system, you will need to add the UR91 simplex receiver and simplex radio equipped throttles such as the DT402R and UT4R. Again, if you have non radio equpped DT400 and UT4 series throttles, they can be converted to simplex "R" throttles for a small fee by sending them back to Digitrax. The Big Boy was offered in a simplex radio version with the DT300R throttle. If you have any of these throttles, you may choose to stay with simplex radio. DT300's cannot be converted to duplex radio operation.

For information about throttle conversions, please click on the warranty section of the website or on the product page related to the throttle you wish to convert. Note that UR91 CANNOT be converted to UR92 or vice versa because they are completely different products.

All Digitrax LocoNet Throttles, both tethered and wireless work with Zephyr by connecting them via LocoNet.

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