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Board replacement decoder for Atlas MP15 units

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KB42 DN163A3 - Atlas N Scale MP15 Installation Instructions

1. Carefully remove the locomotive's shell from the frame (Figure 1, below). Notice the orientation of the shell to the frame so that you can reinstall correctly. 2. To remove the Atlas MP-15DC standard lightboard you will need to loosen the frame screws as shown in figure #1. After the frame halves are loose enough, the standard light board can easily be removed by moving the light board to one side and tilting the lightboard out. 3. Installation of the DN163A3 decoder is the reverse of the removal sequence. With the frames halves still loosened, slide the DCC decoder into ...

KB1032 Atlas DN163Ax Function Outputs

The following picture shows the location of all extra function pads on the DN163A0, DN163A1, DN163A3 and DN163A4.  These decoders all share the same board layout.  The length is different to fit the various models.          Note: There is not a current production DN163A2.  This decoder was retired after the manufacturer made changes to the chassis and the decoder no longer fit properly.