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1 Amp Wired Mobile Decoder, 4 Functions

Technical Note: If using DH142, DN142, DN141K2, DN149K2 series decoder, when F1 is set up for FX, F2 must also be set up as FX (It can’t be used as standard on/off function.) If you want to use a combination of FX & standard on/off functions, please use F1 as the standard on/off function and F2 as the FX function.

Retired in 2006

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KB537 DN142 - Turning on Back EMF

The DN142 comes from the factory with BACK EMF SPEED STABILIZATION (BEMF) turned off. Follow this procedure to turn it on and to adjust it. Later generations of Digitrax mobile decoders do not require this procedure. Activation: To activate the BEMF feature, change CV57 to a value of 06. This will give good performance with most brands of locomotives. If the locomotive surges while using BEMF use a lower value for CV56. It may also be necessary to adjust CV's 55, 56, & 57 to get the motor performance desired for your particular locomotive. Adjustment: 1. Program CV57 (Droop control) ...

KB888 Installation of Digitrax Decoders in HO Scale Atlas RS1, RS3, RSD4/5

Many thanks to Bob Dattore for this application note!This app note details using a DN142 decoder for the installation.  This decoder is no longer in production but the following decoders would work as well:  DN135D, DN163, DZ123, DZ125, DZ143.  Any decoder that is small enough to fit could be used.The Problem:  Atlas RS1's (and RS3's & RSD4/5's) are hard to install Digitrax decoders in. There is no easy drop-in or light board replacement with back-emf capability.I have installed several Atlas Dual Mode decoders in these popular hard to fit narrow, low hood diesels with ease, by replacing the original light ...

KB887 Digitrax Decoder Installation For PROTO 2000 E8/E9 in HO Scale

This installation procedure is for the DIGITRAX DH163/DH123 decoder. Alternatively, you can use a Digitrax DN142 in this installation. If you use the DN140 the installation will require fewer engine modifications because of the smaller physical size of the decoder.Note any decoder of smaller physical size can be used in this installation.  DN135D, DN163, DZ123, DZ125, DZ143 are all possibilities. After removing the shell from the locomotive chassis, note the color and location of each of the various wires.  All connections must be soldered with rosin core solder and insulated with shrink tubing.We will locate the decoder in the forward ...

KB935 CV49-CV56 - FX Special Effects

Decoders with FX function features have 4 user configurable, independent special effects generators. All current production Digitrax Decoders use FX3 functions so this article is not applicapable to these decoders. CAUTION: Decoders with FX3 function generators use different CVs to control the decoder outputs. All current production Digitrax decoders use FX3 function CVs. Before using these CVs to program your decoders make sure that they are FX and not FX3 decoders.The Real FX effects are set up by programming CV values as described below.F1/F2 NOTE: If using DH142, DN142, DN141K2, DN149K2 series decoder, when F1 is set up for FX, ...