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1 Amp (1.5 Amp Peak) Mobile DCC Decoder

Please use 3 step speed tables for all DZ121 & DN121 Series Decoders, because of size constraints in their processors, they do not support 28 step speed tables.

Non-directional headlights are NOT available on DN121 Series Decoders.

Retired in 2003

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KB890 Installation of Digitrax DH121 in Bachman Hogwart's Express

Many thanks to Dick Sutcliffe, Superintendent BR &T Railway Co. for this application note!Install the DN121 in the tender   1. The tender is easy to open by removing two screws so you can pull the decoder out and put in a plug when running on DC layouts.   2. Use a piece of styrene to raise the decoder off the weight.   3. Notch the front edge of the tender frame to bring the wires through to loco (all power pick up is in the loco).   4. Split the loco frame to isolate the motor brushes, remove the contact springs in the ...

KB942 CV61 - Non-directional Headlights, Transponding, & Split Phase Motor Drive

Characteristics Controlled by CV61:Some Digitrax Decoders use CV61 (one of the manufacturer specific configuration variables) to give you the following options:  Non-Directional Headlight Operation, Transponding Enabled or Disabled, & Split Phase Motor Drive for Märklin AC and Lionel Type motors.The look up table below shows the effects of different CV values that you can program into CV61.  CV values are shown in hex & decimal are the same in this case.TABLE 61: CV61 Values CV 61 Value Non-directional headlights Transponding Split Field Motor/AC 00 No No No 01 Yes No No 02 No Yes No 03 Yes Yes No 04 ...

KB927 CV65-CV95 - 28 Step Loadable Speed Table

When you are using a throttle to control a locomotive, you will notice that as you increase and decrease the speed, the loco responds to the change in throttle settings according to the relationship between motor voltage applied and the throttle setting.  This is called the throttle response curve.  Decoders are shipped from the factory with a linear throttle response curve.  This means that as you increase the throttle setting from 0 to full speed, the loco will look like the default curve in this diagram.If you want to create a more realistic throttle response curve, you can set up ...