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Digitrax Dummy Plugs for analog operation of Digitrax Easy Connect harnesses (5 pack)

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KB176 Analog Operation of Digitrax Decoders

What about using a Digitrax-decoder-equipped locomotive on a layout having only DC power?It is possible, but analog operation of DCC equipped locomotives is becoming a bit of a rarity. In earlier times some locomotives were delivered from the manufacturer with a DCC decoder in place and a jumper plug was used to select the operating environment. Digitrax still offers a jumper plug for use in some configurations; you remove the decoder and replace it with the DHDP or DNDP. With later generations of decoders, it is possible to operate on a DC layout with the decoder in place. To quote ...

KB141 Wiring Harnesses

I have numerous locomotives I wish to convert to DCC. In order to spread the cost out over time I would like to install the connector/harness and add the decoder at a later date. Is it possible to buy the connector/harness assembly separately? Yes, there are several harnesses which are part of the Digitrax Easy Connect systemThis System Included the:DHWH - 9 pin to bare wires wire harnessDHDP - 9 pin dummy plugs to convert for analog operationDHWHPS - 9 pin to DCC medium plug short harness 1"DHWHP - 9 pin to DCC medium plug long harness 3"DHAT - 9 pin ...