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DH165Q1 fits Atlas, Intermountain, LifeLike & Other factory sound-equipped HO Locomotives.

Compatible with Digitrax Sound Bug.

Decoder Lock equipped

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KB249 DH165Q1 - Function Outputs

The DH165Q1 is set up at the factory to control six function outputs. The DH165Q1 is configured to control the forward-headlight F0F/white lead and reverse-headlight F0R/yellow lead for directional lighting. These two headlight function leads are current regulated for LEDs or lamps, with factory setting of approx 15mA, with no resistors required. Cut the ADJ link to increase headlight current to approx 30mA- see fig 5. Functions F1 (Green), F2 (Violet), F3 (Brown) and F4 (White/Yellow) are full track voltage and can be used by soldering a wire from the pad for the function you wish to use to the ...

KB251 DH165Q1 - Installation Instructions

The DH165Q1 fits many Atlas, Intermountain, Life-Like & Other factory sound equipped HO locomotives. Installation Instructions - Intermountain F7 example: Removing Locomotive Shell and Disconnecting Lightboard 1. Carefully remove the front coupler and then the locomotive's shell from the frame. Note the orientation for proper reinstallation. 2. Unplug and mark the two track power pickup 2-pin plugs, the motor 2-pin plug and the 6-pin headlight plug(Figure 1) Observe and carefully note the original wire locations! One of the track power plugs and the 2 pin motor plug can be inadvertently swapped when hooking up the new decoder PCB. 3. Unscrew ...