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DH163L0 HO Scale Series 3 Decoder for LifeLike GP7, SD60 and Other Locos with LifeLike DCC medium plug arrangement.

Retired in 2006

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KB501 Soundbug Q & A

Q:  What is the white wire for on the SoundBug? A:  The white wire is used on conjunction with a driver cam for steam sound synchronization. Q: What type/size loco does "generic" steam sound represent? A:  This sound was based on recordings of Union Pacific 3985, a 4-6-6-4 "Challenger" type.  Q:  Does the Sound bug come with an oval speaker to fit in the shell of the older model GPs or SDs that do not have space in the fuel tank. A:  The SoundBug comes with a 28mm round speaker but others may be substituted. The included-speaker is rated at ...