KB501: Soundbug Q & A

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Q:  What is the white wire for on the SoundBug?

A:  The white wire is used on conjunction with a driver cam for steam sound synchronization.

Q: What type/size loco does "generic" steam sound represent?

A:  This sound was based on recordings of Union Pacific 3985, a 4-6-6-4 "Challenger" type. 

Q:  Does the Sound bug come with an oval speaker to fit in the shell of the older model GPs or SDs that do not have space in the fuel tank.

A:  The SoundBug comes with a 28mm round speaker but others may be substituted. The included-speaker is rated at 32 Ohms.  For best results, a 32 Ohm speaker should be used.  Digitrax has other speakers available that will work with this product.

Q:  Is the SoundBug designed for a specific decoder?

A:  The SFX004 is a plug 'n play installation for DH165 series Decoders with SFX004 Soundbug Socket using an on-board 8pin 2mm connector and two 2-56 screws to hold secure and conduct track power.

The DH165A0 along with the SFX004 will fit most legacy HO diesel locomotives that the DH163A0 and older DH150 could fit into.

The DH165L0 will fit most Lifelike diesel locomotives that the DH163L0 would fit.

The separation of motor/function (DH165-series decoders) and sound units (SFX-series) is useful for many applications. With a choice of the fixed motor/function decoder and the selection of Sound-Bug, different locomotives and devices can provide the sound function / performance desired.

Q: Can the SoundBug be used with other decoders?

A: Yes.

Q:  Can the SoundBug be used in a stationary application?

Yes. This unit can be used stationary for trackside and in buildings by just connecting track power to the screw terminal posts. As long as the SFX-series is connected to the track power, a "host" decoder is not needed.

Q:  Is the SoundBug similar to other Digitrax sound decoders?

A:  It is functionally identical to the sound portion of the SFX064D, but without any function capabilities.

Q:  Can the SoundBug be customized?

A:  It will download the exact same SFX technology ".spj" projects as the SDH104-series and SFX0064D units.  Use the Soundloader software available under the Downloads tab on our website for downloading custom sound projects.


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