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Series 3 HO Wired Decoder.

Decoder Lock equipped

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KB64 Walthers/Life-Like F7

Application Note: Walthers/Life-Like F7 H0-Scale steps needed for the DH163D DH123D decoder installation. Remove packing protectors screwed to coupler pockets: Carefully remove shell by spreading sides at side windows: Here's an alternate method for removing the loco shell - our F7 unit had a particularly stubborn shell. In place of the X-acto knives pictured, we recommend toothpicks or something a little safer.. Remove DC Plug (or a DC Printed Circuit Board in this case) from the wiring harness: DC Plug shown removed: Plug DH123D or DH163D decoder to 9 pin wire harness and mount it as shown: Reinstall loco shell.

KB506 Mars Light

Q:  I have a DH163D decoder. How do I program it so the Mars light works? A:  Any function output on Digitrax FX decoders can be set up for any FX effect by programming its associated FX CV to the appropriate FX CV value. For example, if CV52 (the FX CV for F2), is programmed with a CV value of 034, the violet wire F2 function output will be a Mars light when F2 is turned on for this decoder address and the decoder's direction is forward.

KB896 Athearn Genesis SD70-Adding A Decoder and Setting Up Ditch Lights

Athearn Genesis SD70s came factory equipped with a Digitrax designed light board. The board is NOT a DCC decoder. If you want to add a decoder and have alternating ditch lights the following steps are recommended: 1 - Remove locomotive shell; 2 - Remove dummy nine pin plug from wire harness and insert Digitrax DH163D on the harness; 3 - Remove the wires of one of the ditch light bulbs from F1N and F1P and solder them to F2N and F2P; 4 - Program CV51 to 106, CV52 to 107 and CV63 to 40. 5 - Reinstall locomotive shell.F2 on ...