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DG383AR fits locos with AristoCraft DCC plug arrangement.

Use with locos that have single motor per truck such as AristoCraft RS-3 & RDC.

Decoder Lock equipped

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KB892 SoundTraxx Sierra Sound with DG383AR, DG583AR & DG583S

When using Soundtrax Sierra Sound with Digitrax LArge Scale decoders, go to the Soundtrax website and download their SoundTraxx Technical Bulletin #7.  Technical bulletin available at   Soundtrax is your source for information using their Sierra Sound with Digitrax decoders.

KB85 Digitrax Outdoor Operation

Will Digitrax work in an outdoor setting to control LGB, Bachmann, and Aristocraft engines on a small layout, possibly in a 20 x 20 area? What starter set would you recommend to run in the area stated? I would like wireless operation. Digitrax will work in that environment, with the same warnings that are associated with all other electrically powered devices and outdoor model railroads that use track power. The command systems must be protected from moisture, the track must be clean and the stationary decoders are not weatherproof. Wireless operation can be either infrared or radio, with radio being ...