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Second Generation of DB100 Booster. Shipped with Challengers and early Big Boy Sets.
Discontinued in 1998.

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KB872 Marklin 6027 Command Station Using Digitrax Boosters

This Application note shows how Marklin Users can have the power and reliability of Digitrax boosters along with their Marklin command stations! Notes: 1. Before applying power to the booster, use a short length of wire to short the 2 gray terminals (SYNC & GROUND) on the DB100. This forces the DB100 into the booster mode when the power is applied to it. Set the MODE switch to "P/R" for auto reversing operation or to "RUN" for normal booster operation. 2. Make a cable with 6 conductor RJ12 cable with a 6 conductor male plug on the DB100 end and ...