DB100a 5 Amp DCC Booster with Auto Reversing

This product has been replaced by the 5 Amp DCC Command Station/Booster with Intelligent AutoReverse (DB150) and is no longer available. Click here to view the DB150.

Second Generation of DB100 Booster.  Shipped with Challengers and early Big Boy Sets.
Discontinued in 1998.

DB100a Features:

  • Multi Featured Command Control system when used with CT4
  • 4.5 amp Multi-Scale booster
  • Intelligent Auto-Reverse
  • Accepts AC or DC input
  • Over Voltage Protected
  • Auto-Resetting over teperature protection
  • Auto-Resetting over current protection for short-cicuit protection
  • LocoNet
  • Auto-Shutdown on loss of command control drive signal
  • Dual color LED indicates and diagnoses signals sent to track
  • Track OFF switch allows suspension of track power while input power is still coming in to the booster.


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