KB804 DS64 - Set Up Using Option Switches (OpSw)

DS64 is set up by setting Option Switches (OpSw)This is how to set option switches on the DS64:1. Begin with your DS64 powered up. Turnouts can be either connected or not.2. On the DS64 press and hold the OPS button down for about 3 seconds until the red OPS LED and green ID LED begin to blink alternately. This indicates that the DS64 is ready to change the option switches.3. Using your DCC throttle, select the Switch Address that corresponds to the OpSw number and send the Closed or Thrown command corresponding to the setting you have chosen. Refer to ...

KB807 DS64 - Slow-motion turnout machines & crossing gates

Hook up for slow motion type turnout machines & crossing gates.Note: Multiple turnout machines of the same type can be operated on a single DS64 output.For example, you can run 2 Tortoise or Switchmaster machines on a single DS64 output.Note: If you find that your turnout is operating “backwards” simply switch the + & - wire connections to achieve correct operation.Note:  The outputs can be configured to drive a grade crossing signal.  See Knowledge Base article.