KB553 Compatibility of Atlas Bachmann Soundtraxx Decoders with Digitrax

I have Diesels with Atlas sound or decoder, Bachmann EZ command and Soundtraxx decoders. Will the DCC Super Chief work with these decoders? Yes. Because the Atlas, Bachmann and Soundtraxx decoders are DCC compatible, they will work with any Digitrax system. There may be a issues related to programming with these decoders that require special attention. Please consult the decoder instructions for the particular locomotive to determine if any special steps are necessary in your particular situation.

KB418 Bachmann EZ Command Compatibility

I used now an Bachmann EZ Command and I will turn to Digitrax because my layout grow to fast, can I use my engine (Bachmann decoder)with an Zephyr starter set.Bachmann's site says that EZ Command is a DCC system, so you can use your decoder equipped Bachmann locomotive with any DCC system, including DCS50 Zephyr.

KB341 Bachmann DCC Turnouts

To program Bachmann's E-Z Command® Decoder-Equipped DCC Turnouts follow these steps: 1. Connect the turnout (or wye or crossover) to a powered section of track (Rail A & B)2. Verify Track Power is on.3. Press and hold the programming button of the E-Z Command® turnout/wye/crossover until switch toggles twice (release programming button).  The turnout is now in programming mode. 5. Press Switch button on the Throttle. 6. Select the desired address on the Throttle (1-100 for this device). 7. Press OPTN button if using a DT40x or DT500 series Throttle, the CV-WR key then the EXIT key on a DCS50/51 ...