KB494: Upgrading Old Starter Set

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Q:  I just purchased a used Digitrax set consisting of a DB150, UT2 and a PS515 for a very low price. What do I need to add to bring this up to current standards?

A:  Because of Digitrax LocoNet, it is easy to add the latest components to upgrade on older starter set.  What you purchased was originally called a Genesis Starter Set.  The PS515 did not come with it but it is the perfect power supply for the DB150.  

Your next step depends on what you want to do with your railroad.  In this case, the components you have will be more than sufficient for an entry level model railroad.

The DB150 command station/booster is a consistent performer that can later be changed into a booster if you upgrade to another Command Station with more capacity.

The DB150 cannot read-back CVs when programming, a feature which both the DCS51 and DCS100/DCS200 Command stations do offer. This may or may not matter to you.

The PS515 provides more than sufficient power for your DB150 and can run 5-6 HO locos which is plenty for an entry level system; it's rated at 5 Amps, 75VA.

The UT2 is a basic throttle which offers basic control.  This is most likely the first component you will want to change. You will probably want to add a DT400, but your needs may simply require more Utility Throttles; the current utility throttle is the UT4.

One place that you can improve your Digitrax system is with the installation of a LocoNet system for your railroad.

This will allow you to upgrade to add on components such as throttles, additional boosters, universal panels (which lets more people operate on your railroad at the same time), add stationary decoders for turnout controls, add BDL168's for train detection, signal controls and on.

Digitrax Complete Train Control is designed to let you grow at your own pace and add functionality when you are ready.  Welcome to the Digitrax LocoNet operating environment!  Remember, we are here to help so don't hesitate to call, e-mail or browse around the tech support depot as questions arise.

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