KB478: PM42 - Power Management of an Auto Reversing Section

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Q:  What is the preferred way of protecting a reverse loop with circuit breaker management and still having automatic reversing?

A:  There are two ways of protecting a reversing section with a circuit breaker and reversing section controller.

1.  Use one PM42 (circuit breaker manager) and one AR1 (automatic reversing section controller).

2.  Use two PM42s (one as a circuit breaker manager and one as a reverse section control).

The following diagram displays both methods:

a) The first method (left), is where one section of a PM42 configured for circuit breaker operation feeds one or more AR1s (automatic reversing section controller), or

b) The second method (right) uses two PM42s with one acting as a circuit breaker and the second acting as a n automatic reverse section controller.

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