KB384: Zephyr Xtra and Zephyr - Can I add a booster?

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Q:  Can I add a booster to my Zephyr?

A:  Yes. Since the DCS51 Zephyr Xtra and DCS50 Zephyr are equipped with LocoNet, adding additional boosters is easy; you simply divide your railroad up into power districts and add the boosters and their individual power supplies. These are connected together using LocoNet cables. Because the Zephyr Xtra is rated at 3 amps and the Zephyr is rated at 2.5 amps: most boosters have higher ratings, you may want to have the Zephyr control a smaller area that has fewer power consumers (locomotives, lighted passenger cars), such as a main line that will likely have only one or two trains in it at any given time. The boosters should be used for areas that have more power consumers, such as engine terminals, yards and passenger stations.

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