KB103: Troubleshooting DB150 Shutdowns

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If the DB150 unit shuts down occasionally due to a track short circuit:

Correct the short circuit condition and the booster will resume normal operation.

Turning off the booster when a short occurs is not necessary since it will re-start automatically when the short is cleared.

If the DB150 unit shuts down frequently:

Move the DB150 so that the heat sink has a flow of cool air.

Place the DB150 out of direct radiant heat like sunshine or a room heater.

Try direct cooling by using a small fan to blow air onto the heat sink.

Lower the track load current.

Reduce the input voltage from the transformer.

If the DB150 beeps 5 times and shuts down briefly and then comes back on again
, it is probably being run too close to its pre-set current limit.

In this case it may clip or mutilate some outgoing packets to keep the track current within acceptable limits.

To solve this problem, reduce the track current load by setting up additional power districts to provide more total power for the layout.

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