LNWI LocoNet WiFi Interface

The LNWI allows you to connect compatible WiFi devices to LocoNet and run trains using compatible throttle apps. The apps available can be downloaded from this page.

  • Wi-Fi interface to a Digitrax LocoNet for up to four compatible mobile Wi-Fi devices and Apps.
  • Compatible with most Android and Apple devices running supported throttle apps
  • Easy Setup and Configuration. A single LNWI works ‘out of the box’, with no additional configuration required.
  • Up to 8 LNWI can be supported per LocoNet
  • Multiple LNWI units automatically resolve SSID with no additional configuration
  • Optional Wi-Fi WPA2 security for layout operations in public.
  • Option switches to fully customize all device settings
  • LocoNet Compatible

LNWI Quickstart Videos

Current LNWI supported apps

Android App Downloads iPhone / iPad App Downloads

You can also download the WiThrottle Lite app for the iPhone & iPad here. The newest version automatically connects to the LNWI. If you are running an older version Click here for the Instructions.

Note: Digitrax does not produce or support Mobile Devices or Throttle apps, please contact your mobile device manufacturer or Throttle app vendor for specific support. The LNWI has been tested with a range of devices and available applications, however not all configurations are guaranteed to function as expected. Additionally, the LNWI may not support some subsets of an app’s capabilities, and some apps may not be configurable to access all LocoNet capabilities.