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KB1056: LNWI Security Considerations: Enabling and Customizing WPA2 Security

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LNWI Security Considerations: Enabling and Customizing WPA2 Security

The LNWI has the option of enabling WPA2 security to require a passcode to connect to the LNWI SSID.  The primary purpose of this passcode is to limit access to the LNWI in a public setting.  This is designed to operate in a similar function to the passcode options for Digitrax Duplex Radio.

Using an unsecured connection poses minimal threat to LocoNet access as the LNWI only utilizes a limited number of LocoNet commands.  The LNWI does not have access to programming capabilities or other advanced LocoNet capabilities on your layout.  No one will be able to reprogram any of your locomotives or system settings.  The LNWI only connects to LocoNet and does not provide Wifi access to any other networking or network devices (computers, TVs, routers, etc.)  you may have.

It should be understood however that there are inherent risks in using ANY unsecured WiFi.  This risk is inherent in ALL unsecured WiFi connections and is not unique to the LNWI.  Using unsecured WiFi connections can leave your mobile WiFi devices (phone, tablet, Etc.) vulnerable to exploits.  If this is of concern follow the instructions below to enable WPA2 security on your LNWI.

To Enable Basic WPA2 Security:

  1. Power up your LNWI and connect it to LocoNet
  2. Connect a Digitrax throttle to one of the LNWI’s LocoNet connectors
  3. Press the OPS button on the LNWI. The Green ID and Red OPS indicators should start alternating blinking ON.
  4. Go to SWITCH mode on your Digitrax throttle.
  5. Set Sw 17=c and Sw 18=c
  6. Once all switches are configured press the OPS button again, the ID light should go back to its normal “heartbeat” operation.
  7. All active connections will close, and you will need to reconnected to the LNWI.
  8. The LNWI should now show with a secured SSID.  The passcode is “digitrax1234
  9. Repeat this procedure for any additional LNWI units.

Enabling Customizable WPA2 Wi-Fi Security:

To enable Wi-Fi security you must set OpSw 17 to  Closed (c), and then configure the password.  Setting OpSw 18 = c will force the LNWI passcode to “digitrax1234”.  Alternately, the password can be customized using either a Duplex Radio Super Throttle in Net Setup mode with a UR92, or by using an attached computer and the DigiGroupSetup Utility available at

To Customize your LNWI Passcode: 

  1. Enter Option Switch mode.
  2. Set OpSw 17 = closed
  3. Set OpSw 18 = thrown
  4. Exit option switch mode
  5. Use DigiGroupSetup to set the password key as XXXX or use an Duplex Radio Super Throttle and a UR92 to set the password key to XXXX.  Follow the directions in your throttle or UR92 manual to change the passcode setting.
  6. All active connections will close, and you will need to reconnected to the LNWI.
  7. The LNWI network should now show up as a secured connection, the WPA2 password is “digitraxXXXX” where the XXXX equals the number set in step 5. 

Note: If OpSw 18 = closed the passcode will always be “digitrax1234” regardless of customized settings.  Customized passcodes are stored until they are changed, OpSW 18 = c simply forces the LNWI to use “digitrax1234”. If the password key is set to 0000 WPA2 security will not be active.

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