BDL168 LocoNet Occupancy Detector, 16 Detection Sections

The BDL168 is a cost effective LocoNet Occupancy Detector for 16 detection sections. 

Lets you know when detection sections of your layout are occupied.

When used in conjunction with one or two RX4 transponder detectors it operates up to 8 transponding zones and operations mode read back. 

Know what is where on your layout!

BDL History:  BDL16 was released in 2000 and was replaced by BDL162 in 2002.  An update kit was available from BDL16 to BDL162.  BDL162 was replaced by BDL168 in 2004.  No update kit was offerred because the circuit board was completely re-engineered.

BDL168 Features:

  • Occupancy detection for 16 sections

  • Outputs for LEDs to indicate local detection section occupancy and zone power status on a panel mount display

  • 3 Amp capacity per detection section

  • Transits Occupancy information over LocoNet

  • Supports SuperSonic decoder operations

  • Detects any powered locomotive

  • Detects any un-powered rolling stock equipped with resistor wheel sets

  • Plug 'N Play with Digitrax DCC

  • Configurable with most other DCC systems

  • Automatically checks layout status when used in conjunction with a computer

  • Improved Rail Sync Sampling for reliable operation

  • Transponding with the addition of one or two RX4 allows for 8 transponding sections

  • Transponding decoders are detected by the RX4s and the information is fed back to LocoNet

  • Transponding allows you to read back CV values of decoders equipped with transponders

Note: External power supply is needed.  PS14 (sold separately) or equivalent is recommended.  Multiple BDL16 series detectors can be powered from the same power supply as long as 100mA is provided for each BDL16 series detector.



For Use With
RX4s to add transponding
For Use With
RD2 Remote Sensing Diodes to set up remote sensing locations
Original Release Date
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