SCF5A Super Chief 5 Amp

This product has been replaced by the Super Chief Xtra 5 Amp (SCFX) and is no longer available. Click here to view the SCFX.

The Super Chief  starter set contained a DCS100 command station, a DT400 throttle, a UP5 Universal Panel, and a LT1 LocoNet tester.

In addition the Super Chief starter set was available as a Radio Equipped Set.

Retired in 2009

DCS100 Command Station / Booster:

  • Full LocoNet Capabilities for easy plug 'n play installation and system expansion

  • Run up to 120 locos and 120 throttles in command station mode.

  • Provides additional power to run more trains in booster mode.

  • Can be used as an Intelligent Auto Reversing Booster

  • Use with any LocoNet throttle

  • Read/Write programming with CV readback

  • Two DCC outputs so you can run your trains and program at the same time.

  • Built in 5 Amp Digital Command Control Booster Rated at 80VA.

  • Many command station options are user customizable.

  • Auto resetting over temperature & short circuit protection.

  • User selectable multi-scale operation for N, HO, and large-scale layouts

  • Track Status indicator shows voltage and signal type (DCC or "Zero Stretch" Analog Signal for conventional operation.)

  • Stabilized Track Drive Output.

  • Over Voltage Protected.

  • Auto shutdown if command control drive signal is lost so that the layout will not convert to DC operation if a cable or connection is broken. The trains won't just "take-off" if they are not getting the DCC signal.

  • Complies with FCC Part 15, Class B RFI Requirements.

  • DCC Compatible.

DT400 Features:

  • Simple to use with any Digitrax LocoNet System

  • User Friendly Multi-line backlit display with easy to read icons and messages

  • Dual throttle controls for running two trains at a time

  • Click encoders give extra fine speed control and direction control, too!

  • Full numeric keypad

  • Direct access to functions 0-12 with DCS50 or DCS100 command stations

  • Direct access to functions 0-8 with DB150 command station

  • Single key access to most common throttle tasks.

  • Infra-Ready

  • Find Key for use with transponder equipped locos & layouts

  • Built in flashlight for reading paperwork and loco/car numbers in darkened layout rooms

  • No more throttle display time-outs!

UP5 Features:

  • Plug 'N Play Instalation

  • Gives your layout a professionally finished look.

  • Two RJ12 6 pin LocoNet jacks in the back of the panel for hooking up LocoNet devices that use RailSync.

  • Two RJ12 6 pin Throttle jacks in the front of the panel for hooking up throttles and other LocoNet devices that do not use RailSync.

  • One additional RJ12 6 pin Throttle jack on the side of the panel for hooking up LocoNet devices that do not use RailSync.

  • Indicator LED that shows the power state of a local track section.

  • 2mm power jack that allows you to make the UP5 a battery saver terminal for your throttles by plugging in a PS14 DC power supply.

  • Two #6-32 right angle screw terminals for local track connections for power and diagnostics.

Note: Digitrax Starter Sets do not include mobile decoders or power supplies.


Replaced by
Super Chief Xtra 5 Amp Starter Set