KB687: What Can Transponding do?

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  • Transponding gives you operations mode readback of decoder CVs while they are on the layout (for decoders with this feature).

  • Your dispatcher will know where trains and other equipment are located. Feedback from your transponding decoders lets you know the zone location and address of any piece of transponding rolling stock on the layout. This information can be presented on a display panel, your computer or even on your throttle.

  • Feedback from the locomotive decoder also can provide information about the speed and other status data for the specific locomotive.

  • With transponding, you can FIND the location of a specific piece of transponder equipped rolling stock on the layout.

  • Transponding can help you automate staging yards and other hidden track. Makes operations much easier.

  • Transponding lets you run trains automatically for display purposes or for more interesting single-handed layout operation.

  • Transponding interfaces with an under layout surround sound system so that the sound “follows” your train as it moves around the layout. This is the most realistic sound you can get in a model railroad because you can use speakers that are large enough to give truer sound.

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