Sound Decoders

SDN144K1E 1 Amp N Scale SoundFX/Mobile/FX3 Function Decoder for Kato SD40-2 and similar locos

Board replacement SoundFX/Motor/FX3Function decoder for N Scale Kato SD40-2 and similar locos

SFX004 Soundbug Sound Decoder for DH165xx decoders and others

Digitrax Soundbug ready decoders give you the flexibility to choose when to add sound to your locomotives. Originally produced as a plug n'play add on for DH165xx series board replacement decoders, Sound Bugs can be used to add sound to any decoder. Decoders that do not have sound bug sockets, will have to be wired.

SFX0416 1 Amp HO/N SoundFX & Function Decoder

HO & N-Scale Wired SoundFX and Function Decoder for use with any existing DCC motor Decoder. 16 megabit sound storage capacity for more complex projects. 4 FX3 functions.

SFX064D 1 Amp HO Scale SoundFX+Function Decoder

Wired SoundFX decoder for most HO Locomotives. Preloaded with selectable steam and diesel sound schemes.