KB436 DT40x Series Throttle - FIND Key & Digitrax Transponding

On layouts set up for Digitrax transponding with transponders in locos and rolling stock and transponder receivers installed on the layout, the DT40x’s FIND Key is used to turn on the find command. The FIND function lets you see the zone location of transponders on the layout in your throttle display. To use the FIND Command: 1. The layout must have Digitrax transponder receivers (BDL16x & RX4s) installed and configured. 2. The loco or other rolling stock that you want to track must have a transponder installed.  This can be either a transponding decoder or a stand alone transponder. 3. ...

KB749 DT402 & DT400 Series Throttle FIND Key

The FIND Key is used in conjunction with a layout instrumented for Digitrax Transponding and locos or cars equipped with transponders to find the location of those pieces of rolling stock on the layout.