KB713 UT4-Select a Locomotive to Run

If you are NOT plugged into a LocoNet port1. Use the 4 rotary address selector knobs on your UT4 to dial up the 2 or 4 digit address of the locomotive you want to run.  To enter a 2-digit addresses, set the first two selector knobs to 0 and enter the two digit address on the 2 address selector knobs on the right hand side of the throttle (for example 0025).2. Plug the UT4 into any LocoNet port and automatic selection occurs.3. A Green Status light confirms that selection has been done successfully - You’re off and running!4. A Red Status light means the loco is ...

KB495 Run a four digit locomotive address with UT1 Utility Throttle

Although the UT1 can only handle addresses between 00 and 99, it can be used to operate one four digit locomotive address. 1. On the UT1 dial up 992. On a DT100, DT300 or DT400 series throttle, dispatch the four digit address you want to run on the UT13. On the UT1 press the ACQ (acquire button) to run the four digit addressNote that dispatching is a special state and the first UT1 throttle to press the Acquire button after the dispatch from another throttle will acquire that address to run.