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Add more connections to your LocoNet system.

UP5 Simplifies hook-up, maintenance & troubleshooting of LocoNet, add a few to make traditional tethered walk-around operation a snap.

Retired in 2005

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KB281 Is it possible to use UP3 with a Super Chief system?

Is it possible to use UP3 with a Super Chief system?Yes. Both have LocoNet in common, so the signals produced by the DCS100 Super Chief go though LocoNet to all devices that can connect to the LocoNet, including the UP3.

KB189 Case Study: PUTRA Powering the Kelana Jaya Rail Line (Part 3 of 5)

The Kelana Jaya Rail Line model is a DCC intense layout, using many Digitrax command control components to achieve the goal of training operators of the actual rail line. The railroad was built in the 1990's and many of the Digitrax devices used for the Kelana Jaya Rail Line model have been superseded with improved units. Components used for the Kelana Jaya layout: 28 Mainline turnouts 11 Yard turnouts 39 Tortoise switch machines 84 Dwarf signals (yellow/green, red/green, red/yellow) 38 Mainline block signals 38 Heavy duty SPDT switch relays Digitrax Components Used for the Kelana Jaya layout: 1 DCS 100 ...

KB16 Which Throttle works with which Universal Panel, UR90(IR), UR91(Simplex Radio), UR92 (Duplex Radio), or UR93 (Duplex Radio)?

The following chart indicates: Which Digitrax throttle (DT400, DT400R, DT402, DT402R, DT402D, DT500, DT500D, DT602, DT602D, UT4, UT4R, UT4D, UT6 & UT6D) Works with which LocoNet interface throttle panel (Universal Panel-UP3/UP5/UP7, UR90, UR91, UR92, and UR93) Under which types of communication (Tethered, IR Mode, Simplex Radio, or Duplex Radio). Throttle Interface Chart Throttle UP Panel Tethered UR90 Tethered UR90 IR Mode UR91 Tethered UR91 IR Mode UR91 Simplex Radio UR92 Tethered UR92 IR Mode UR92 Duplex Radio UR93 Duplex Radio DT400 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No DT400R Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ...