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Includes 2 terminal strip boards with resistors for easy installation. Each terminal strip board can handle from 1 to 4 signal heads. Use this interface instead of Signal Mast Bases when you already have signals installed on your layout. Simply run the wires from your existing signals to the terminals on the TSMK and plug your Signal Driver Cable in on the plug provided.

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KB73 TSMK - Terminal Strip Mounting Kit

The TSMK, Terminal Strip Mounting Kit, includes 2 terminal strip boards with resistors for easy installation. The Digitrax Terminal Strip Mounting Kit makes it simple to connect any scale or model signal to the Digitrax signaling system without soldering. Simply connect the wires from the signal to the TSMK’s screw terminals and plug it in to the SE8C’s Signal Driver Cable. Using the Terminal Strip circuit boards You can attach any of a variety of types of model signal masts in any scale you choose to the Terminal Strip Mounting Kit. The Terminal Strip Mounting Kit has 10 screw terminals ...

KB68 Case Study: Nemo Junction Connecting Signals to the SE8C Part 9 of 9

The Nemo Junction module has a total of seven color light signals that regulate the flow of train traffic through this interlocking plant. Controlling the Signals with SE8C The SE8C is the signal driver, sending current to the various LED's of the color light signals. Each signal is operated via switch commands from the Zephyr. The SE8C has eight Driver Sockets, identified as DRV1 - DRV8. : A Signal Driver Cable (a 10-conductor ribbon cable) is plugged into a SE8C Driver Socket to control as many as four signal heads per Driver Socket. Each signal head can display 4 lighting ...

KB20 SE8C Output to LEDs

Q:  What is the output voltage to the LED's and the inline resistor value. A:  The typical output of the SE8C ranges between 4.5 and 5.0 volts DC; it varies a bit depending on conditions. The signal mast base kit (SMBK) and the terminal strip mounting kit (TSMK), both have 100 ohm resistors built into the base.