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Materials for making 2 Signal Driver Cables for SE8C. Includes 30’of 10-wire Signal Driver ribbon cable & 8 10-Pin sockets.

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KB69 Nemo Junction - Connecting BD4 to the SE8C

BD4 Output Each BD4 is situated between the PM42 Power Manager and the railroad. The DCC signal passes from the DCS50 Zephyr, through the Power Manager, through the BD4 to the track to the locomotive. When a locomotive (or equipped car) is present in a track segment, the BD4 also sends out occupancy information, in two ways. Occupancy Information Output LED1 The LED1 10-pin header is for testing the status of power to the rails and block occupancy with the LED indicator which is included with the BD4. The LED1 can also be used for panel indicator lights using LED's. ...

KB68 Case Study: Nemo Junction Connecting Signals to the SE8C Part 9 of 9

The Nemo Junction module has a total of seven color light signals that regulate the flow of train traffic through this interlocking plant. Controlling the Signals with SE8C The SE8C is the signal driver, sending current to the various LED's of the color light signals. Each signal is operated via switch commands from the Zephyr. The SE8C has eight Driver Sockets, identified as DRV1 - DRV8. : A Signal Driver Cable (a 10-conductor ribbon cable) is plugged into a SE8C Driver Socket to control as many as four signal heads per Driver Socket. Each signal head can display 4 lighting ...