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The PR4 makes decoder programming and interfacing your layout and computer easier than ever. The PR4 seamlessly switches between computer interface and decoder programming modes automatically without having to press any buttons. The PR4 is electrically isolated between USB and LocoNet for added stability and protection. Packaged in a smaller footprint the PR4 offers all the same great features as the PR3 it replaces.

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KB1057 PR4-Legacy IPL Mode

If you are experiencing problems IPL updating legacy products with your PR4 we recommend using this mode.  Some legacy product use slower processors that cannot keep pace with the speed of the PR4.  This issue has been most prominent when IPL updating DT402 series throttles.  To enable Legacy IPL mode on the PR4 ensure you have the latest PR4 Firmware installed and set OpSw 14= c by following the steps below. Ensure that the PR4 is connected to an active Command Station and properly powered by a USB connection. Press the OPS button on the PR4 to enter OPS mode ...

KB1061 Powering the PR4

The PR4 will only “light up/power ON” when it is connected to a computer via USB.  Simply connecting the PS14 will not power the device and cause any lights to come on. Please follow the complete PR4 installation instructions consisting of PR4 Driver and Software Installation and PR4 Hardware Installation to power and test your PR4. Using the PS14 power supply is only required when using the PR4 for Sound/Decoder programming.p

KB1017 LocoNet Accessory Power Requirements

  This document outlines the power requirements for Digitrax LocoNet accessories.  To simplify wiring, Digitrax recommends providing individual power supplies for like accessories.  For example a power supply or power buss which only powers the PM42s.  A power supply or power buss used solely to power multiple DS64s.  UR9x and UP5 panels can be daisy chained provided adequate current is provided to properly power all the panels.  Through the use of individual power supplies, the chance of Ground Loops or sneak paths back to ground is minimized.  Using individual power supplies will also make troubleshooting much easier.  Many Digitrax LocoNet ...