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KB1057: PR4-Legacy IPL Mode

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If you are experiencing problems IPL updating legacy products with your PR4 we recommend using this mode.  Some legacy product use slower processors that cannot keep pace with the speed of the PR4.  This issue has been most prominent when IPL updating DT402 series throttles.  To enable Legacy IPL mode on the PR4 ensure you have the latest PR4 Firmware installed and set OpSw 14= c by following the steps below.

  1. Ensure that the PR4 is connected to an active Command Station and properly powered by a USB connection.
  2. Press the OPS button on the PR4 to enter OPS mode
  3. The OPS and ID LED indicators will flash alternating RED and GREEN.
  4. Using a throttle plugged into the PR4 enter Switch mode on your throttle
  5. Select Switch 14 and set it to closed (c) according to your throttles instructions
  6. Press the OPS button on the PR4 to exit OPS mode

Your PR4 is now in Legacy IPL mode and will run at a slower rate.  This mode is compatible with all Digitrax Products.  If you wish to return normal Higher speed IPL mode simply repeat the steps above but set OpSw 14=t.

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