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The DT602 Advanced super throttle gives you direct control of two locos at a time with all the powerful features and flexibility serious model railroaders demand.

Available in standard tethered or Radio Duplex. The DT602 is designed to handle nearly every aspect of layout control.

With the DT602 you can run trains, create consists, set up routes, control up to 29 functions including sounds and so much more. With the soft On/Off switch and advanced power saving modes you can now operate longer than ever.

All DT602s are factory equipped with Infrared capability. Just add a UR90 and you can use infrared for wireless operation. DT602Ds are equipped with Duplex Radio, using existing UR92’s for operation.

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KB1067 DT602 Throttle Options List

DT602 Throttle Option Settings Throttle ID# Option Name Factory State ID01 Ballistic Knobs With Ballistic tracking, the faster you increase or decrease the throttle knob the faster the data changes in the throttle. When Off the speed step increase is per encoder notch. on ID02 Key clicks Off disables clicks for key press and encoder changes. on ID03 Duplex RF allow Off will turn off Duplex Radio capability. on ID04 IR allow Off will turn off IR capability. on ID05 Fast Clock show On will show fast clock. off ID06 24Hr Clock mode On changes the clock mode from 12Hr ...

KB1063 IPLing and Track Power with the DT602/D

IPLING From time to time the latest DT602 family throttle firmware will be updated and will be posted on the product support page.  These updates may slightly modify the DT602's operation, based on customer feedback/requests and priority support issues discovered. If you are happy with the operation of your DT602, and have no issues or new features you may want, it is not required to perform an available update. All DT602 family throttles should only be firmware updated or IPL'd while plugged directly into a working LocoNet. The Digitrax provided DMF file for field updating DT602's can be used for IPL of any ...

KB1069 Differences in the DS74 from the DS64

Differences in the DS74 from the DS64: Up to date and compact LocoNet design with customer IPL/firmware field update capability using DigiIPLII. All plug-in connections. Can support on expansion header up to 4 DSXCP1 fascia SW control panels with SW direction indicator LEDs. 8 internal LocoNet integrated System routes, that can be conveniently edited on a DT602 with latest IPL update. Configurable unit Base switch address when on layout. No need to remove from layout to service/configure. Automatic DS74 switch address overlap detection, and correction capability when editing with DT602. Indicates internal IPL Sub-version loaded to latest DigiIPLII rev 2.9 ...

KB1072 Extra DS78V servo setup information

The Series7 Stationary (or Accessory) decoders are configured to not use, or need a CV Service Mode (SM) programming track. It is impractical to disconnect these fixed wired devices from a layout to configure on a SM track, unlike a mobile locomotive decoder. Series7 devices are configured when operating on a working LocoNet system to access all product capabilities. As detailed in the product Instruction Sheet (IS), the units have a number of Option Switches (OPSW's) that may be modified by; pressing the OPSW button and sending the appropriate SW# as Thrown or Closed. The IDSW button allows the setting ...

KB112 Reset Procedure for Mobile Decoders

CV08 is the factory reset CV for all FX3 decoders and also the Manufacturer ID CV for all decoders. This procedure is performed on a programming track. To reset all CV values to their factory default, program CV08 to a value of 008/x08 while the locomotive is on the programming track. To reset all CV values except for 28 step speed tables to their factory values set CV08 to a value of 009/x09. Earlier Digitrax decoders must be reset manually, CV by CV. This procedure may or may not work with other manufacturer's decoders. When you "read" the value of ...

KB16 Which Throttle works with which Universal Panel, UR90(IR), UR91(Simplex Radio), UR92 (Duplex Radio), or UR93 (Duplex Radio)?

The following chart indicates: Which Digitrax throttle (DT400, DT400R, DT402, DT402R, DT402D, DT500, DT500D, DT602, DT602D, UT4, UT4R, UT4D, UT6 & UT6D) Works with which LocoNet interface throttle panel (Universal Panel-UP3/UP5/UP7, UR90, UR91, UR92, and UR93) Under which types of communication (Tethered, IR Mode, Simplex Radio, or Duplex Radio). Throttle Interface Chart Throttle UP Panel Tethered UR90 Tethered UR90 IR Mode UR91 Tethered UR91 IR Mode UR91 Simplex Radio UR92 Tethered UR92 IR Mode UR92 Duplex Radio UR93 Duplex Radio DT400 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No DT400R Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ...