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1 Amp Wired Mobile Decoder, 3 Functions

Retired in 1995

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KB883 Installation of Digitrax Wired Decoder in Bachmann Spectrum N Scale F40PH

This application note is courtesy of Michael K. Perrin, and addresses the installation of an N-Scale decoder in the Bachmann F40PH (now discontinued).  This note calls for using either DN93 or DN140, both of which have been discontinued.  Current decoders such as the DZ125 or DZ143 and other similar N scale decoders can be used.1) Cut a place for the decoder in the back recess in the frame. Because this is a "sandwich" frame there is no room for the decoder without using a saw or Dremel tool to make a cavity for the decoder. (This is the hardest part of the ...

KB236 CV29 - 2-digit or 4-digit Addressing

  CV29 is assigned a single value which chooses a combination of specific effects: 1. Speed step control. 2. Speed table On or Off. 3. Analog mode conversion On or Off. 4. Normal Direction of Travel (NDOT). 5. 2 digit addressing or 4 digit addressing. 2-digit or 4-digit Addressing The decoder's address is the identification number programmed into specific decoder that lets that decoder recognize commands sent to it by the command station. Once you program the decoder's address, it will be remembered in the decoder until you re-program it. All Digitrax current production decoders can be set up with ...