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Board replacement decoder for MicroTrains FT.

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KB302 DN163M0 - Function Outputs

The DN163M0 is set up at the factory to control six functions. The unit is prewired with one golden-white LED (shown in figure below) for the headlight and set up as Function 0 (F0F-forward). Function outputs F0F/Yellow, F1/Green, F2/Violet, F3/Brown and F4/White/Yellow are available on the decoder and can be used by soldering wires from the pads indicated to the lights (or other functions) you wish to control. CAUTION: When adding function wires, be very careful that the wires you add do not come into contact with any other pads or components on the board where they might create a ...

KB303 Installing DN163M0 in Micro-Trains' FT

1. Carefully remove the locomotive's shell from the frame. Notice the orientation of the shell for reinstallation. 2. Carefully remove the plastic light shroud by gently prying up the tabs on either side of the frame and lifting the plastic piece off the frame. 3. Slide the factory light board forward to release it from under the clips on the locomotive frame. Be careful not to distort the frame clips as you slide and lift the light board off the frame. 4. Place the small piece of kapton tape provided with the decoder on the loco frame, wrapping it around ...