Product Support for: Mobile Decoders -> 1 Amp N Scale Mobile Decoder for Kato N scale SD40-2 locos made from year 2006 onward (DN163K1C)

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Designed to fit the Kato N scale SD40-2 locos made from year 2006 onward

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KB97 Athearn N-Scale FP45 / F45

What Digitrax decoders work in the new Athearn N scale FP45? We recommend the DN163K1C, following the procedure below. One of our editors was able to successfully install both the Digitrax DN163K1B and DN163K1C decoders in the unit. We have determined that the chassis design requires that the decoder be installed backwards. The only problem this poses is that one additional step has to be taken when programming. Both the DN163K1B and DN163K1C decoders are the same footprint with the exception of the LEDs. The DN163K1B has T-1 3mm LEDs and DN163K1C has surface mount LEDs. When the K1B version ...

KB880 Installing Digitrax Wired Decoder in Kato N-scale AC4400CW

This article courtesy of Ken Bessler, concerning installation of a decoder into earlier Kato C4400W's.  Current produiction of these locomotives use DN163K1C or similar board replacement decoder.I wanted to convert my 2 new Kato AC4400CW's to DCC but there were several problems:1) The recommended PnP decoder, DN163K1a has a chip right where a shell component is. Using this decoder requires shaving off the plastic retainer clip under the exhaust stack. IMHO this is not good as it leaves too little support for the stack.2) My dealer was out of stock of the PnP decoders.3) A quick look inside the loco shows ...