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Designed to fit the Kato N scale F3 A & B

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KB75 DN163K0b - Installation Instructions for Kato F-3, F-7

DN163K0b Installation Instructions for Kato F-3, F-71. Carefully remove the locomotive’s shell from the frame. 2. Remove the black plastic cab seat panel by gently pressing in at the sides. 3. Carefully remove the plastic plug that retains the brass motor clips and bend the brass motor clips up and away from the circuit board. 4. Slide the circuit board forward to release it from the clip on the locomotive frame and lift the board off the frame. 5. Remove the brass pickup rail from one side of the locomotive, being careful not to bend it. Wrap a small piece ...

KB74 DN163K0b - Update

Update - Please Read This! The DN163K0 family decoder has been updated to a Gold-finish No Lead version of the K0 family design and has slightly modified function lead connection pads. All other aspects of this decoder are the same as the older version. This addendum details the new function connection points if you wish to use functions beyond the installed LED’s.