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Designed to fit the Kato N scale P-42, PA-1 & E-8

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KB943 Functions on Mobile Decoders

Digitrax decoders have outputs that can control lamps and other on/off devices installed in your locomotive.  These are called functions.  Functions are things like: lamps, sound units, smoke units, etc. All Digitrax decoders are equipped with two or more function outputs that are used to turn functions on and off.Decoder function outputs can be:1.   Leads (wires) attached to the decoder that are used to hook up external functions.  See Table I below for wire color codes used on Digitrax decoders.or2.   Pre-wired function outputs that hook up by just plugging in the decoder. This is the case for decoders that ...

KB184 Mobile Decoder Naming Convention and Decoder Numbers

Current production Digitrax decoders use the following numbering system: The first character means that it is a digital decoder. This is always a “D”. The second character indicates the decoder’s physical size. This is based on the smallest "scale" the decoder is designed to fit. This will be a Z, N, H, or G. The third character is the current rating of the decoder. This will be a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. We designate 1.25 & 1.5 amp decoders as 1s and 3.5 amp decoders as 3s for simplicity. The fourth character indicates how many functions, including directional ...